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BioCreAtIvE II - Participation

In order to participate in the BioCreative contest and/or to obtain news related to this challenge or to discuss the tasks, data and strategies, please subscribe to the Biocreative-mail list.

Additional details related to the participation and data sets used will be announced through this e-mail list.

Registration for the Protein-Protein Interaction task:
Note that in order to participate at the Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) task, you need to register your team by submitting contact details, as the test and training data release will only be provided to groups providing the registration information including a single contact e-mail per group.

For registration at the Protein-Protein Interaction task you need to submit the following information:

A) Team contact e-mail (one per team)
B) Tentative list of participant team members (name and e-mail)
C) Institutions


Registration for the Gene Mention (GM) and Gene Normalization (GN) tasks:
Finally we require registration also for the GM and GN tasks. To receive the test data, we request that you send the following information to:

A) E-mail contact
B) Phone contact
C) List of team members and their institutions
D) Tasks which you plan to participate in

If you have already sent this information for the PPI task and this is the SAME TEAM, please note this information.
We will acknowledge receipt and will issue a unique USER ID which will be used to identify results from different teams.
Please register BEFORE OCTOBER 15, so we can send you the data!
On Oct. 15, we will notify the email contact with information about how to get the test data.
If you do not hear from us on Oct. 15, please contact the organizers.
Please use a contact email address capable of receiving zipped file attachments (.zip/.gz) of at least 500 KB, as this address will be our primary means of contacting participants.

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